Laptop Screen Repairs

If your computer will not work as expected, don’t worry.
Our dedicated repair service is designed to get you back up and running in no time.
No matter where you bought it, simply bring yourBroken laptop screen laptop into Quick-PC and we’ll give you a free diagnosis to determine what the problem is. If you are unable to come to Quick-PC you can call our Technical team on 028 27641027.If the laptop can be repaired we’ll attempt to fix it in store, but if it needs parts we’ll have to order them in. We offer a fixed price for labour. In the unlikely event that we’re unable to repair your laptop, it will be returned straight away and you will not be charged. If we need to order parts, we will let you know about any additional costs for the parts as soon as possible. If you want to continue with the repair we may need payment, or if you would prefer not to proceed we’ll deliver your laptop back to you.Laptop repairs come with a 3 month guarantee which covers the fault we repaired.

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Laptop DC power jack

Laptop won’t charge up any more? – Need to hold the plug to make it charge? Power problems with your laptop? We can help to repair low cost from only £40.

Laptop power problems are usually caused by a faulty DC jack, power socket or damaged power connector pin, which keeps your laptop from recharging or powering up.

dc jack repairLaptop power connectors can become broken or work loose when the power cable is inadvertently tugged or repeatedly pulled, as this places strain on the dc power socket which can eventually cause damage. Quick-PC specialises in repairing laptop power connector and broken dc jack problems.




Contact us if your laptop has any of following symptoms, Signs indicating the connector might be faulty and need repair or replacement:

  • Laptop wouldn’t power up unless the power lead is held in one position
  • When the power lead is wiggled, it makes or losses contact
  • Laptop only runs on battery power even power cable plugged in
  • Laptop suddenly changes from battery to AC power
  • Intermittent charging or battery wouldn’t charge
  • The pin in the centre of the jack is loose, pushed in, broken or missing
  • The whole connector is loose, pushed in, broken or missing
  • When power is connected sparks come out or smells of burnt out
  • The battery charge light wouldn’t come on (lights up) when power is connected
  • The battery charge light (LED) flickers when the tip of the AC adapter moves
  • The screen flickers between bright and dim when the tip of the charger moves
  • “Scratching” sound is coming from the DC socket when the power is connected
  • Jack broken because excessive pressure applied when plugging in or someone tripped over the power lead or laptop dropped and fallen down on socket while plugged in
  • Your laptop will not power up at all (a dead laptop)

We can fix any make and model, including HP, Compaq, Sony, Dell ,Advent, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Packard Bell, Lenovo, IBM, Samsung, Fujitsu Siemens, NEC, Medion Gateway, Patriot, Hi-Grade, Philips, Averatec, Gericom , LG & more. We provide laptop repair services in Northern Ireland. Contact us for more detail 02827641027.
We can repair loose dc sockets, sockets with broken centre pins, even dc jacks that have completely snapped off by re-soldering or replacement of broken power sockets / dc jacks. Low cost with quick turnover service